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Rainy Day Camping Activities

You booked your trip months ago and waited patiently for the day to arrive when you could load the family in the RV and hit the open road. Now, here you are, parked in the campsite that you’ve been dreaming about, your senses feasting on the breathtaking views of nature, the fresh smell of pine in the air…and the sound rain pounding the roof of your camper.
Well, despite the drizzle, your day (or days) don’t have to be a total washout. Take advantage of the weather with these four rainy day camping activities to help pass the time and have some fun while you’re at it.

Board Games

rainy day boardgames

Back in the days of yore, before we were all connected to internet 24/7, it was common for a family to gather around the dining room table for a (cut-throat and seemingly endless) game of Monopoly. Well, your favorite mustachioed and monocled friend may just be the key to beating the boredom of a rainy day at camp. Board games are a great way to connect with your family and spur on some fierce and (mostly) friendly competition. We suggest stowing a few favorites along for your trip, as well as some puzzles, crosswords, and coloring books. Have a look at this list of the top-rated family games on Amazon and throw a few in your cart. You won’t be Sorry.

Movie Night

rainy day popcornIs it a 90-minute rom-com or a Lord of the Rings trilogy kind of rain? No matter the duration of the downpour, you can while away the rainy day snuggled around your camper’s TV (or a laptop) for a little cinematic escape from the elements. But what’s movie night without snacks? We like to keep plenty of popcorn on hand with a variety of spices to kick things up a notch! If sugary treats are your weakness, we’d suggest satisfying your sweet-tooth with these no-bake camping cookies.
Pro Tip: Remember that physical media is your friend. Streaming or downloading a movie might not be an option out in the wilderness, so dig out some classics from your old DVD collection before hitting the road to make sure that a lack of service doesn’t give you a lack of options for entertainment.

Head into Town
rainy day library

See the sights, meet the people! Grab a bite at that adorable little mom and pop restaurant you saw on the drive in, drop by the town’s library and get some reading done, or scope out a museum for some local history. Camping is all about adventure, and exploring unfamiliar territory is the definition of the word! Services such as Musuem USA and WorldCat have got you covered (pun intended) for finding places to hide from the weather in an unfamiliar place, and of course Yelp is great resources to find the best local fare around. Get out there and have a look at what adventures lies right outside the campground!


rainy day fishing

Well, the fish aren’t getting any wetter so why should you let a little water stop you from having some reel fun? Fishing in the rain doesn’t seem like an ideal situation, but a little bad weather may actually help you! Following best practices like wearing waterproof gear, using higher contrast lures, and factoring the rain into choosing where to cast, will increase your odds for netting a big catch. Remember that it’s important to be safe above all, staying clear of water when lightning is present and making sure to tell someone where you’re headed if you’re going at it alone. Check out these tips for fishing in the rain and you’re sure to come back to the site with more than just a cold.

A damp day doesn’t have equal a damper on your day. Bad weather, while not what you’d been dreaming about all those months ago, has a way of pulling the family together in the common goal of having fun. So don’t let a little (or a lot) of rain stop you from making memories this year! Get out and have some fun, it’s all out there waiting for you!

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